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non-energy savings, such as extended equipment life and are approximately $0.26/ft. 2. building energy consumption. Energy-efficient product procurement: energy cost savings of 4%-17% relative to State and Local Climate and Energy Program Rules of Thumb. Note: Do not assume these values to be LAWS. They are only typical values, which SHOULD BE VERIFIED for each application. Also, if you're interested in learning even more, here's a free download for you: Standardized EMCS Energy Savings Calculations (20.3MB PDF) General Information Air Movement 6 ACH 1 CFM/ft2 Ventilation Rate 5 CFM/person Fan Energy 1000-1500 CFM/hp Electric Motors 0.75 .

Jan 05, 2014 · For a store of 50,000 square feet, the savings are about 7.5 kW (10% of 75 kW from Rule 4). By applying these rules of thumb, you should be able to easily identify some of your bigger opportunities to cut the energy cost of refrigeration racks. Please share your comments. May 23, 2016 · For the Daniel Inouye Regional Center, a NOAA administration building in Honolulu, HOK used a combination of energy, daylighting, and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling to evaluate ECMs including a novel ventilation system. The resulting energy savings paid back the $170,000 modeling budget in under five months. Credit: HOK.

Today's webinar is Energy Management Systems Maximizing Energy Savings, and our presenter today is Sara Lisauskas from ICS International. So before we jump in today's presentation I'd like to take a few moments to describe the DOE Technical Assistance Program, or TAP. Continue Reading: energy efficiency. 5-Year Plan Delivers Energy Savings, Stable ROI. Use Three Steps To Build Long-Term Capital Plan. Tie Capital Decisions To How Building Has Evolved. Rules of Thumb to Guide 5-Year Capital Plan.