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Olive oil Lubricant: An Aid for those Advancing in Age. Olive oil plays an even more pertinent role in the bedroom as we age. Women who go through menopause often notice a painful shrinkage in vaginal areas. This can be ameliorated through internal and external olive oil massages – an exciting task to embark on either alone or with a partner.Author: Linda Miriam Aziz-Zadeh. The lubrication that it offers may help reduce dryness and allow you to enjoy sex again. Drawbacks of Using Olive Oil. Before you grab a bottle of olive oil, you must realize that it’s not the perfect lube. It comes with several disadvantages, and you need to consider them before using olive oil as a personal lubricant. Here are some of its.

Nov 17, 2013 · Since first notices about olive oil,it appears related to sex, it’s used in several ways before, during and after sexual encounters. HOW TO OLIVE OIL SEX. Even nowadays, when chemical-made products are used as lubricant and stimulating instruments, Olive Oil remains as one natural solution in order to make the connection point with your couple, more delight and suggestive.Author: David HOWTOOLIVEOIL. Aug 06, 2019 · Olive oil may seem safe and effective to use as a sexual lubricant. However, it is not advisable to use olive oil in this way. Olive oil can damage latex condoms, which can cause them to Author: Jamie Eske.

Olive oil + latex condom = broken condom! Avoid using latex with any oil, oil-based lube, or petroleum products. That's the quick answer, but there's much more that can be said about safer sex, condoms, lube, and erotic olive oil options. A good lubricant for anal sex is essential. Jun 08, 2014 · Since Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which is the original form of it is quite expensive to get. Other varieties of Olive oil cannot be compared to this Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Reactions to Latex: Olive oil can break down the latex condoms or silicone-made sex toys just like any oil based lubes. A Big Minus For Olive Oil As Lube. NOTE.