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Nun quits after sexual relationship with Black janitor. Young nun is comforted. Young nun finally gets fucked. Young nun has her first orgasm. Young nun's education begins. The semester ends, Josh proposes. and other exciting erotic at! First part of this little dirty story. Nice quiet evening was interrupted with a church bell. It was time for the evening prayer. Nuns gathered into the main building, where late meeting was held.

Sex in a Pew with a Girl named Sue By Rick. Sue, if you remember a previous story, is a large strawberry blonde Jewish lady that loves to fuck and suck and break balls with the best of them. We were chatting on line a few days ago IReviews: 1. A nun's story: sex, affairs and priests you can't refuse. Those who read sex magazines. Some of the nuns used to read books with filthy pictures. I used to wonder how they laid their hands on them. Once I noticed that one of the nuns mostly stayed in her room with the doors bolted.Author: G Pramod Kumar.

I am a nun. This is a true story. I became a Christian when I was only ten years old. Even though I was born Muslim it occurred to me early on that Christianity suited me more so, mostly because of the gentleness I perceived within Jesus and much less so in Mohammad. Jul 02, 2011 · I had sex with a nun, AMA. And Nuns have a lot more sex than people think. I dated an ex-Nun for a while and she was pretty open about the fact, and on top of that she was very, very freaky. level 2 [deleted] 8 points · 8 years ago. Most repressed girls are very freaky. Uptight people, especially for religious reasons, are repressed.