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Mar 07, 2019 · A Brilliant Idea, Triple The Dosage. I’d take a pill then wake up a few hours later for the rest of the night. After about 80 hours on 6 hours of rest, I had a brilliant idea 1 pill = 3 hours so 3 pills = 9 hours. I woke up and my bed was in a Louisiana swamp and 6 men in masks were picking it up and carrying me away. Aug 10, 2019 · For Insomnia "I have sleep maintenance problems - I fall asleep right away but many times wake up after 4 hours and find it very difficult and frustrating to fall asleep again. Ambien CR is really helpful - it extends my sleep time from 4 to 7 hours. I am 64 years old and have been taking the 6.25 mg pill on and off for the last 2 years with no need to change for the higher dosage.6.8/10(75).

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