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The Tulip Poplar Tree is a tall, fast-growing shade tree that forms a symmetrical pyramid and matures at a height of 80 ft. • The lumber of the Tulip Poplar is similar to white pine and is used in the place when wider boards are needed. The Tulip Poplar tree is a very beautiful fast growing shade tree that grows tall.4.5/5(34). The Tulip Poplar is a North American treasure. Order yours today! How to Use Tulip Poplar Tree in the Landscape. Place this wonderful hardwood tree on the south or southwest side of your house to give invaluable dappled shade to a patio or picture window.4.7/5(24).

Now, your Tulip Poplar is an attractive front yard tree that will increase your home's value. From climate to climate and no matter the temperature extremes, the Tulip Poplar wows because we've put in the extra work. Plant your Tulip Poplar Tree and start looking forward to the change of seasons - instant beauty is just a click away!4.2/5(112). Jun 30, 2017 · Serving as the state tree of Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, the Tulip Poplar tree is a beautiful, fast growing, shade tree. The Tulip flowers give you a delightful fragrance of nectar. The nectar attracts birds and other small wildlife. If you are a wildlife lover then you need to 4/4(24).

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