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Apr 28, 2019 · What Else Causes Anal Itching? There are a number of other things that can also contribute to itchy bottom syndrome (aka pruritus ani or anal itching). Some people are sensitive to certain foods such as citrus fruit, coffee or even beans. Others report that clothes washed in fabric softener cause unbearable itching.3.6/5. Jan 24, 2019 · Anal itching can be caused by irritating chemicals in the foods we eat, such as are found in spices, hot sauces, and peppers. Anal itching also can be caused by the irritation of continuous moisture in the anus from frequent liquid stools, diarrhea, or escape of small amounts of stool (incontinence).

Pruritis ani is a dermatological condition characterized by itching in the anal area. The itching may become worse at night or after a bowel movement. Scratching the area results in further irritation and makes the itching worse instead of relieving it. Scratching with the fingernails may result in skin damage or an infection. If the itch-scratch cycle persists, it can lead to extreme discomfort, soreness, and . Infections such as pinworms, yeast, and genital warts can cause itching. Hemorrhoids, which cause painful swelling of blood vessels in the anal area, can cause itching. Cancer, in rare instances, may be a cause of anal itching.

Itchy anus, itchy burning anus causes. Treatment, cream, and medicine to stop anal itching. Dietary factors may also play a role with itchy anus, although there are not definitive studies implicating particular food items or diets. Jul 10, 2019 · The causes of anal itching are often related to skin or internal medical issues. Skin-related causes of an itchy anus include: atopic dermatitis, a form of eczemaAuthor: Rachel Nall, RN, BSN.