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Aug 17, 2017 · Sixtus IV, born Francesco della Rovere, made his nephew Petro Riario (who was also his lover) a cardinal. in a 1976 interview he did in response to that pope’s anti-gay edicts. According to Author: Jesse Monteagudo. This is a list of sexually active popes, Catholic priests who were not celibate before they became pope, and popes who were legally married. Some candidates were sexually active before their election as pope, and others were accused of being sexually active during their papacies. A number had offspring.

Francis' tenure as pope has also been notable by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community for his adoption of a more conciliatory tone toward LGBTQ people than that of his predecessors. "But anyone who utters Christian words without putting them into practice hurts oneself and others," said Pope Francis in 2013. IS POPE BENEDICT GAY? Is Pope Benedict XVI gay? I have asked a number of Roman clerics and members of the Roman press corps if they think the pope is gay. None, of course, wish to be named for obvious reasons, but every one was convinced that Pope Benedict XVI is gay. I repeat what I said at the outsetÑthis does not impute sin or the.

Pope Sixtus IV (21 July 1414 – 12 August 1484), Sixtus was a "lover of boys and sodomites", awarding benefices and bishoprics in return for sexual favours and nominating a number of young men as cardinals, some of whom were celebrated for their good looks. Predecessor: Paul II. The details he reported corroborate Peyrefitte’s affirmations and seem quite worthy of credit. His name is Franco Bellegrandi, camariero di spada e cappa (honor chamberlain) of His Holiness from the end of Pius XII’s pontificate into Paul VI’s reign.He was a member of the Vatican Noble Guard, the most distinguished corps of the papal military service.