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Lucent definition is - glowing with light: luminous. How to use lucent in a sentence. Jul 27, 2017 · The discovery of X-rays represents one of the most significant accomplishments in medical history. Though the shades of white, gray and black on an X-ray film may not indicate much to the untrained eye, to trained and experienced professionals, they reveal a multitude of information about internal anatomical structures.

An oval circumscribed mass in the upper outer quadrant of the right breast is an intramammary lymph node (large arrow). A lucent fatty cleft (curved arrows), which is typical for a lymph node, is shown on the DBT images (a and d).Cited by: 2. The mass is most dense at the base and centre. A lucent cleft between the mass and the bony cortex, representing periosteum, is characteristic, but frequently not seen as the tumour envelops bone. CT is a useful investigation to demonstrate this lucent cleft, and may show focal attachment of the tumour to cortex, and rarely medullary invasion.Cited by: 12.

Musculoskeletal Radiology Orvosoknak (Graduális)» the less calcium present, the blacker (or lucent) that part of the radiograph. When looking at x-ray films of bone many aspects have to be assessed: Anatomic shape, form and alignment Breast cancer metastasis will sometimes present as blastic lesions as will some lymphomas. Cleft epiphysis is a normal variant of an epiphysis. It can be either unilateral or bilateral. The most common site is the epiphysis of the first proximal phalanx of the foot. Radiographic features Plain radiograph. Plain radiographs will demonstrate a lucent defect in the epiphysis. The borders of the lucency are variable and may be sharp or.