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Your cat has two anal sacs on either side of her anus that hold scented fluid. When she defecates, a drop or two of this fluid serves to delineate her territory. Her anal sacs may be the cause of her redness and irritation. Some common anal sac disorders include inflammation of the sac(s), impaction of anal sac fluid and abscess of the sac(s). Why is my cat's anus red and swollen? Tonight I looked at her backside and noticed her anus is red, irritated, and swollen. She's a fat cat who can't clean herself very well, but that hasn't been an issue for the year-plus of her inability to clean up after the litterbox. I haven't changed her food or water habits, but I am using a new litter.

If your pussycat has a sore butt, you're probably wondering why and, more importantly, how to make it all better. There are several causes of rectal irritation in cats. Unfortunately, once Kitty has this problem, it can become chronic—so be sure she eats plenty of fiber. May 13, 2012 · Sometimes if a cat has had diarrhea the anus can be protruding slightly and red. If this is the case it will resolve on its own. Your cat may have full anal glands. These are glands that sit on either side of the anus and can fill up with fluid. They usually need to be emptied by a vet.Followers: 3.

– Displacement behavior (cat continues scooting after the primary cause is resolved) There are additional causes of scooting—which then could cause the anus to become swollen and irritated—but these additional causes are not as likely to occur in a kitten, but rather, a cat: – Fleabite allergy – Food allergy. Jul 31, 2013 · My cat gets constipated and I have to give her Catlax. Her stools are small and hard which causes her anus to get red. My vet said because she’s the type of cat with a stub tail they are more prone to canstipation. The vets assistant told me to use A&D ointment.