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The Blue Licks battle site is commemorated at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park, on U.S. Route 68 between Paris and Maysville, just outside the town of Blue Licks Springs. The site includes a granite obelisk, burial grounds, and a museum. The Battle of Blue Licks had again proven the vulnerability of the Kentucky settlements to attack. Not until the end of the War of 1812 would Kentuckians feel secure from possible Indian raids from across the Ohio River. The Battle of Blue Licks continues to evoke debate among historians.

Thanks to all who participated in the Battle of Blue Licks Commemoration 2019. See additional photos at May 22, 2018 · Click here to visit Blue Lick Battlefield's Meetings site. Hidden Waters Restaurant. This restaurant is well known in central Kentucky for its excellent southern cuisine. Among the items featured are southern-fried catfish and country ham which is cured and produced by .

Battle of Blue Licks. By. At the Blue Licks the fool in them clearly got the upper hand and led them into folly. For the tiny communities represented in the expedition, the loss of 77 men was a calamity. At the stations and in remote, scattered cabins there was bitter grief. Five days after the disaster Boone returned with a burial party.Author: Historynet Staff. 179 rows · The Battle of Blue Licks, fought on August 19, 1782, was one of the last battles of the .