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Colin Farrell Penis Scene Colin Farrell Nude Pics. Some other big hit movies in his career have been Horrible Bosses, Crazy Heart, Miami Vice, The Recruit, The Lobster and Minority Report. We also loved when he starred with Samuel L. Jackson in the 2003 action film S.W.A.T. May 11, 2010 · COLIN FARRELL. Like McGregor, Colin Farrell hasn't been shy about whipping out his wang for the camera. But unlike McGregor, Farrell's penis keeps getting left on the cutting room floor.

Apr 26, 2008 · Colin Farrell is perfecrtly uncirmcumcised, but unfortunately you cannot see his foreskin in those photos. Goddammit Colin, slide that foreskin forward and show us your skin! by Anonymous. Colin Farrell’s Big Fat Cock Sex Video. Deniz Mehmet’s Dick / Denny’s Cock / Steve McQueen’s Cock / Tab Hunter Naked / The World’s Biggest Penis / Colin Friels Penis Exposed / He is soooo hot man I want to have sex with hm Colin Farrell I’m a girl and I love you.

Jan 30, 2015 · Colin Farrell is a man who likes to give props where props are due.. Such is the case when it comes to his celebrity bromance partner, Ewan McGregor, and his huge penis.. Farrell dished on his pal's putz to Nylon Guys—admitting he finds McGregor's manhood modesty more than a little hard to swallow (so to speak) Author: Max Page. According to a recent item in the British newspaper the Sun, nude scenes spotlighting actor Colin Farrell's full-frontal manhood have been cut from his new film, "A Home at the End of the World."Author: Neva Chonin.