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Nov 16, 2017 · Cock And Ball Crusher - Bulk This cock and ball board can apply pressure to both the cock and balls or just the balls, by simply inserting your cock and balls through the back hole. Sexy Slave Stretchy Penis Rings for Longer & Harder Erection, Sex Toy for 3.3/5(5). Give your balls a good compression with this stainless steel ball crusher piece. For those that love CBT this is a simple and very effective device. Just simply turn the screw mechanism, counter clockwise, to make the bar move inward, applying deep pressure against the balls.

Mar 14, 2017 · Master Series Penis and Testicle Crusher If you desire you can have only your balls crushed you can simple slip your cock through the handy cock hole on the other acrylic board. The both plates of the board are made of durable clear acrylic. Both plates measure 5 3.2/5(60). Interested in CBT? Ball Stretchers can provide a range of new torment options for your play. In addition, we also feature a wide selection of ball boards and crushers for more advanced CBT play.

We have something for every penis punishment, whether you want to stretch, crush, squeeze or prick, our cock and ball torture devices will have the slave on their knees in no time. Made from various different materials, each of these devices is uniquely designed to add . The Acrylic Ball Crusher is very similar to the Acrylic Cock and Ball Crusher, but with the difference being that the Ball Crusher provides an extra hole for the penis to escape through. This focuses all the pressure and attention on the testicles, provi.