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At The Ballet Studio, we teach adult ballet classes in a supportive and professional atmosphere. Our live musical accompaniment, and old style dance studio with dressing rooms, three walls of mirrors, stationary and portable barres, air conditioning and daylight windows make for a lovely setting in which to learn ballet. Ballet classes for adult dance students available in Sydney, conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers who take students seriously. All levels including pointe work available.

WELCOME TO ADULT BALLET STUDIO GEELONG. Dance is a unique, special and fun way to keep fit, tone up and improve your overall sense of well being. Dance is an activity that is so easy to fall in love with. When taught well, as we do at Adult Ballet Studio Geelong, dance . Adult ballet classes are generally structured the same as classes for younger dancers. Expect the class to last about an hour, sometimes a little longer. Your class will begin at the barre for warming up, then progress to the center for bigger movements. Remember that our bodies tend to change as we age, so don't expect to achieve a perfect turnout. To prevent injury, stretch frequently and allow yourself plenty .

Balance Dance Studios has both drop-in purchase options and packages available. Individuals can register for packages online or they can be purchased upon arrival at the studio. Payment is not required until you arrive at the studio. If needing to purchase a class or package please allow for enough time to make the purchase prior to the class. FALL QUARTER classes will begin the week of Sept. 9. Registration will start August 15 online and at the studio. Sept. 9 – Nov. 30: a 12 week session. SUMMER QUARTER classes .