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Ball Weights Variety. Ball weights come in many different sizes, shapes and materials. The most popular ones are metal ball stretchers and leather ball stretchers. Ball weights can be shapes as rings that can be stacked on top of each other. Some ball stretchers are very tall (thick) so they can cover the whole length of a stretched scrotum. The Leather Ball Stretcher Weight combines comfort and effective results. The stretcher is made of comfortable leather so it is easy to wear and it will not irritate your skin. The weights are listed below. These stretchers contains small BB style weights that will provide excellent results. They are also great for some deep testicle massage.4.8/5(68).

Ball stretchers stimulate your balls with a squeeze and tug, explore new pleasures with our ball stretcher toys at Adult Toy Oasis. Adult Novelties; Home > Toys for Men > Ball Stretchers. Add A Ring Customizable Ball Stretcher Kit. $14.99. $13.49. Strict Leather Double Weight Ball Stretcher. $36.49. $32.84. Libertine Faucet Penis Plug. Ball Stretchers can provide a range of new torment options for your play. In addition, we also feature a wide selection of ball boards and crushers for more advanced CBT play. In addition, we also feature a wide selection of ball boards and crushers for more advanced CBT play.

Strict Leather Ball Stretcher with 2 Pulls. This traditional leather ball stretcher is accented by two straps to which additional weights can be attached. Ball stretchers are designed to provide resistance as the testicles retract during stimulation. This creates a pleasurable tugging feeling. Lead Ball Weights. Our lead ball weights attach easily to many cock and ball toys, including the Parachute Ball Stretchers, the Genital Vice, the Stainless Steel Ball Trap, and many of the D-ring straps found in the Cock and Ball Combinations Section. Great for stretching stimulation plus visual enhancement to the testicles.