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Introducing a new dog to your family is sure to be a mix of nerves and excitement. Adding a second dog is a big decision, and in order to make the transition smooth for all parties, pet parents should plan each step of the process—from the dogs’ first meeting to their daily lives together. When you're introducing two dogs to each other, first impressions matter. How the dogs interact in their first few encounters can set the tone for their entire relationship, so follow these steps to set their relationship up for success.

If either dog has a history of difficulty getting along with other dogs, the best strategy would be to hire a certified professional behavior consultant to help you gradually introduce the two dogs to each other. Introducing dogs. When the meeting occurs, have each dog on lead, each with a calm, relaxed adult . There is a way to stop play. There is an entire manners structure that adult dogs subscribe to, and it makes their social interactions predictable and enjoyable. There is a shared language between dogs, and adult dogs are fluent in that language. Puppies don't follow the rules that the adult dogs depend on for good, solid doggie communication.

In bringing home a new dog, your task is to carefully introduce your new canine companion to other pets in the household to prevent conflict among the animals. Making the right introductions can take some time, and some pets don’t adjust to their new siblings for . The number one rule when bringing a new dog into a household that already has dogs is to do it gradually. The worst mistake people can make when adding a new pack member is to just bring the dog into the house. To the dogs that were already there, this is an intrusion on their territory by a stranger.