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Gifted Families Support Group (GFSG Inc) is a not for profit association with the vision to support gifted children, their families, and their educators. GFSG Inc. is the NSW state gifted association and is affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented Children (AAEGT). Gifted and Creative Services Australia provides a large range of information and counselling services for gifted adults and children, and for their families and teachers. The Director, Lesley Sword, specialises in visual spatial learners, emotional issues, introversion, career counselling, professional development, workshop and conference presentations.

Australian Gifted Support Centre Services to gifted children and adolescents, their parents or caregivers and their teachers. GIVE US A CALL 0417 208 562! Gifted Advocacy and Counselling Services Counselling of gifted children and adults (S.A. only) ABC Psychology, 62 King William Road, Goodwood, S.A. Phone 8377 7700 Email [email protected] LESLEY SWORD GIFTED & CREATIVE SERVICES AUSTRALIA Lesley Sword Phone: (03) 5618 3204 Email: [email protected]

The adult gifted experience. Gifted adults have a complex intellect and a burning desire for information. They have high levels of energy, intensity and sensitivity, set exceptionally high standards for themselves and others and are extremely hard on themselves. They are very independent and perceptive, like to be in control, are frequently driven. Gifted adults (people with a very high intelligence; 2% of the population) sometimes are not able to function adequately at work. Their high intelligence can cause them to dysfunction when adapting to the work situation, sometimes leading to absenteeism and disability. Hardly any scientific research on this topic has been performed.