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A doctoral degree in literacy and reading prepares you to take a leadership role in literacy education and policy. This guide helps you focus your career goals and find the online or campus doctoral program that suits you best. Start planning for your PhD or EdD in Literacy and Reading today. John's Ph.D. in literacy with literacy specialization represents one of the best online doctoral programs in reading and literacy. With a focus on K-12 education, this degree optimizes graduates' understanding of reading, language arts, and writing instruction.Author: Staff Writers.

Best Reading & Literacy Graduate Doctorate Programs. Review requirements for Reading & Literacy degrees and accredited schools in 2019. Earning a PhD in reading education and literacy teaches how to analyze current theories and apply research to create more effective curriculum in teaching literacy to students of all ages. Lead district and adult education efforts to expand students’ minds and help them harness the power of reading. Capella’s online Doctor of Education, Reading, and Literacy degree is designed to prepare you to lead literacy programs and advocate for systemic change in education. You’ll develop.

All individuals pursuing a doctorate in literacy education develop an understanding of reading strategies and gain knowledge about the type of students they intend to teach. For example, doctoral students planning to teach adult literacy programs may study adult behavior.Author: Staff Writers. Earning a Doctoral Degree: More Than Just a PhD in Adult Education Pursuing a doctorate in adult education could be your first steps towards an altruistic course of study. Adults are beginning to make up a larger portion of high school and college populations, and these nontraditional learners may have different needs than your average student.Author: Elearners.Com.