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Fallback of Overwintering Adult Steelhead at Lower Cl bi Ri D ih MN C S dColumbia River Dams with a McNary Case Study Brad Trumbo Fishery Biologist, USACE Walla Walla DistrictUSACE Walla Walla District Middle-Columbia Wild Adult Steelhead Tib t B W k hTributary Bypass Workshop November 19, 2014 US Army Corps of Engineers BUILDING STRONG ®. fallback rates of adult salmon and steelhead at Bonneville Dam in 2000. Periods of low spill (50-75 kcfs) were alternated with periods of high spill (80-145 kcfs) during which the proportion of chinook salmon and steelhead that fell back were compared. Overall, 1,624 chinook salmon and steelhead passed through the two fishways, of which 180.

variables on those fallback events. Steelhead fallback was positively correlated with spill but no other relationship was significant. In 2001, about 72% of the adult spring–summer Chinook salmon we radiotagged had been PIT tagged as juveniles allowing us to evaluate straying rates and stock-specific fallback. Dec 10, 2012 · 2009–2010, adult steelhead were noticed in the forebay of McNary Dam upstream of the powerhouse, spurring a renewed interest in downstream passage. A 2010–2011 hydroacoustic evaluation of adult steelhead passage (Ham et al. 2012) found limited numbers of adult steelhead .

Hydroacoustic Evaluation of Adult Steelhead Fallback and Kelt Passage at McNary Dam, Winter 2010-2011 KD Ham PS Titzler RP Mueller DM Trott Final Report Battelle Pacific Northwest Division Richland, Washington 99352 Prepared for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, . OVERWINTERING DISTRIBUTION AND FALLBACK BEHAVIOR BY ADULT RADIO-TAGGED STEELHEAD IN THE FEDERAL COLUMBIA RIVER POWER SYSTEM, MIGRATION YEARS 2013-2014 AND 2014-2015 A Report for Study Code ADS-P-13-2 by M.L. Keefer, T.S. Clabough, M.A. Jepson, C.C. Caudill Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83844-1136.